PHYS 4250: Analog & Digital Electronics

Spring 2016

Instructor:  Marvin Johnson
Office  N169 
Phone  667-3552
Office Hours: Mon 1:00-1:45, Tues. 10:30-11:30 and Wed. and Fri. 11:00 - 12:00.  Other times by arrangement.

You will be provided with the handouts listed below under course notes.  For recommendations on texts, see the course description below.

Course Description

My Schedule


The in class final starts at 9:00 on Wednesday, May 24.

Take Home Final (Please read the instructions!)

I will try to be available from 10:00 to 11:30 on Monday and Tuesday, May 22 & 23.   



Course Notes

(I have replaced the PDF's with Microsoft Word files.  There may be some minor revisions as the semester proceeds.)

Chapter 1: Passive DC Circuits Chapter 7:  Other Op Amp Applications
Chapter 2: Time Dependent Signals and AC Circuits Chapter 8:  Noise and Modulation
Chapter 3:  Passive Filters and Transfer Functions Chapter 9:  Digital Electronics I - Static Logic
Chapter 4:  Diodes and Transistors Chapter 10:  Digital Electronics II - Sequential Logic
Chapter 5:  Operational Amplifiers Chapter 11:  ADC and DAC
Chapter 6:  Active Filters  



Note that Wednesday labs are due the following Monday .

Lab 0:  Tutorial on Oscilloscopes (Feb. 1)
Lab 1: DC Circuits  
Lab 6:  Diodes  
Lab 2:  LR Time Constant   Lab 7:  Op Amps
Lab 3: RC LP Lab 8:  Modulation     (Supplement)
Lab 3B: RC HP  Lab 9:  Comparators
Lab 4:  LCR
 Lab 10:  RS Latch
Lab 5:  LC filters 



 Assignment 2  Assignment 7
Assignment 3
 Assignment 8
Assignment 4  Assignment 9
 Assignment 4b
 Assignment 10
 Assignment 5




Approximations for filters

Extra Practice for complex numbers