Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics

Fall 2018

Instructor:  Marvin Johnson
Office  N169 
Phone  667-3552
Office Hours:

Wednesday and Friday 12:00-1:00 and Thursday 10:30-11:30.  Other times can be arranged, just let me know.


Textbook Modern Physics by Serway et. al.  (Any edition will do, but the Third is best.)



Since the campus is closed, assignment 7 will be due the next time we have class.

In the meantime, read chapter 6 and the handout on naive probability.

 Terms to Know 



Assignment 1  (Due Sept. 7)
Assignment 7 (Due Nov. 16)
Assignment 2  (Due Sept. 14)
Assignment 8
Assignment 3  (Due Oct. 3)
Assignment 9
Assignment 4  (Due Oct 15)
Assignment 10
Assignment 5  (Due Oct. 31)
Assignment 6  (Due Nov. 7)


Waves on a string I

Waves on a string II

HyperPhysics page on Relativity

Classical calculation of Momentum vs. Relativistic Calculation

For Blackbody radiation you might try the HyperPhysics Page on Blackbody Radiation

For radiated power in a wavelength range try this link.