Fall 2015

Instructor:  Marvin Johnson
Office  N169 
Phone  667-3552
Office Hours:

Monday & Wednesday 10:00-11:00 and Tuesday 9:30-11:00.  Other times can be arranged, just let me know.


Conceptual Physics by Hewitt (Any recent edition is fine, e.g. 7th ed. or later.)

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We will have the first EXAM on Thursday October 1.  It will cover the first 6 chapters.  Bring a Scantron (882E).  (You will NOT need a Bluebook!)

I have put two copies of Conceptual Physics on reserve.



Sample Exams

Sample Exam I

Sample Exam II

Sample Exam III

 Sample Final Exam  

State of California: Academic Standards Commission

State Board of Education Home Page

Science Standards for K-12 students (pdf version) 



Chapters 1-5 Chapters 13 & 14
Chapters 6 & 7
Chapters 15-18
Chapters 8-12



You might also compare the summaries at the Heat, Light & Sound Page

Chapter 1:  About  Science Chapters 9 & 10:  Gravity & Satellites  Chapter 17:  Phase Changes
Chapter 3:  Linear Motion Chapter 11:  Atoms  Chapter 22:  Electrostatics
Chapters 2&4:  Newton's Laws Chapter 12:  Solids  Chapter 23:  Electric Current
Chapter 5:  Newton's Laws (Cont.) Chapter 13:  Liquids  Chapters 24 & 25 :  Magnetism
Chapter 6: Momentum Chapter 14:  Gasses Chapter 26:  Light
Chapter 7:  Energy Chapter 15:  Temperature & Heat Chapter 27:  Color
Chapter 8:  Rotational Motion  Chapter 16:  Heat Flow


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2.  Physics Tutorial on Light 2.  How Stuff Works

3.  Smile Physics Home Page


4.  Hyper Physics