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Physics Topics

The physics content for the two semesters is divided into the following sections:

Syllabus etc.

    You can get a copy of the syllabus here.


Nuclear Power

Nuclear Weapons




Discussion Questions

Debate (Spring semester)

Library Resources

    The following books have been placed on reserve at the library
    • "Physics", James S. Walker, 2nd ed. See in particular chapters 31 and 32.
    • "Modern Physics", Bernstein, Fishbane, and Gasiorowicz. See in particular chapters 1 and 15.
    • "Conceptual Physics", Paul G. Hewitt, 9th ed. See in particular chapters 32-34.
    • "Conceptual Physics", Paul G. Hewitt, 10th ed. (2 copies) See in particular chapters 32-34.
    • "Physics: A Window on our World", Jay Bolemon, 3rd ed.  See in particular chapters 27 and 28.
    • "Physics: The Nature of Things", Susan M. Lea and John Robert Burke. See in particular chapter 36.

Internet Resources