War & Peace Cluster
Spring 2018 Schedule

Date Engl/Phys Topic (subject to change) Notes
(* all films in S139 starting
at 4 pm sharp)
1/31 Engl On The Beach, Atomic Age and Shute Ponder 1
Fail Safe
2/7 Engl Atomic Age responses and Frank Fate of Stars (Assignment 1) due
Ponder 2
Dr Strangelove*
2/14 Phys Review of Radioactivity and Nuclear reactions
Chain reactions, fission reactors
Alternatives to Nuclear Power and Health
Fate of Stars returned
2/21 Phys Fission Weapons
Making of the Bomb
Fate of Stars revision due (optional)
China Syndrome*
2/28 Engl Apocalypse & Eschatology
Canticle for Leibowitz
Ponder 3
Atomic Cafe*
3/7 Engl Atomic Age and film Dr Strangelove*
Introduction of debates
Debate timing
3/14 Phys Fusion
Fusion weapons
Selection of Debate Topics
Potential for fusion reactors
Stellar processes
Dirty bombs
Health and Safety
Radiation Absorption
Selection of debate teams
Debate Prep
Spring Break
4/11 Phys DNA
Radiation Dose
Alexander Litvinenko
Current state of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
4/18 Engl Worse than that? Recent and alternative apocalypse
fantasies, Cat's Cradle
Ponder 5
4/25 Engl The Reluctant Fundamentalist Ponder 6
Debate Prep
5/9 - Debates Debates to be determined
5/16 - Debates, evaluations Debates to be determined
5/23 - Nominal Final Exam Date Physics Final Paper due

* in S139 at 4 pm sharp. Be there or be square.