Phys/Engl 3550 War & Peace Cluster
Spring Debate Teams 2018

Debate A - Small scale nuclear explosions for peaceful purposes (mining, e.g.) should be allowed
Pro Con
Jessica Martinez
Nicholas Blackwood
Adolfo Herrera
Esteban Ramirez
Debate B - The development of safe, viable fusion reactors merits increased public investment
Pro Con
Jared Williams
Oscar Juarez
Joann Anwuli
Christopher Hutton
Cesar Valencia
Debate C - Fission reactors present a viable energy alternative to fossil fuels
Pro Con
Crystal Xiong
Makayla Koenig
Krystina Hernandez
Steven Day
Debate D - The Fukushima disaster is of itself sufficient reason to abandon nuclear power in the near future.
Pro Con
Dalena Dunn
Ivan Tafolla
Marco Lopez
Sergio Contreras