Phys/Engl 3550 War & Peace Cluster
Spring Debate Teams 2017

Debate A - Transportation of fission products to a common dump site (Yucca Mtn., e.g.) should be permitted (to be held on May 11th)
Pro Con
Julian Self
Stefan Self
Luis Urzua
Holly Harbin
Debate B - Small scale nuclear explosions for peaceful purposes (mining, e.g.) should be allowed
Pro Con
Leslie Smith
Maria Ramirez
Alondra Bedoy
Christine Kinsley
Debate C - The development of safe, viable fusion reactors merits increased public investment
Pro Con
Nick McLain
Heather Jaeger
Joshua Horton
Taylor Watson
Debate D - Unilateral nuclear disarmament is a valid foreign policy goal for the United States
Pro Con
Ricardo Zaragoza
Aleyu Palacios
Michael Azevedo
Erik Sanchez
Debate E - Fission reactors present a viable energy alternative to fossil fuels
Pro Con
Zack Celestre
Lucy Borba
Jared Johnson
Sebastian Cano
Nathaniel Penton
John Holleran