• Stellarium is a free sky visualtion software program that is available for PC, Mac, and Unix operating systems. We will be using it in class, and you might want to download and install a copy for yourself
  • The Meridian program that I used in class (including a user's guide). The file is in zip format (Windows should be able to automatically unzip it) Executable is for Windows only.
  • Astronomical Definitions
  • Help on scientific notation Having trouble with representing very large or very small numbers? Go to our tutorial page on scientific notation, and try out some practice problems (with answer key). 
  • Help on conversion of units What exactly is 45 Astronomical Units? Can we write that in miles so that I can understand the answer? Learn how to convert from one set of units to another, so that the numbers make sense.
  • The Varying Night Sky
  • Astronomy Notes - Solid lessons on basic astronomy
  • Nine Planets - a tour of the Solar System

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